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      Helen Lu
      During her last year studying English at Guangxi Normal University, Helen discovered her true passion — teaching Chinese! She henceforth was formally trained at and graduated from the People’s Republic of China’s Hanban center, where she was issued the prestigious Hanban Certificate of Teaching Chinese to Foreigners. 
      In her classes, Helen brings Chinese language and culture to life, making it easy for students to enjoy every moment. Always with a smile on her face, Helen loves every student and becomes the best of friends with them. Outside of class, Helen can often be found together with them out rock climbing, cycling, swimming and barbecuing. Helen feels lucky to have found both a town and career she loves so much, and she and her current students look forward to meeting more new friends interested in Chinese language and Chinese culture from all over world!




      After having been teaching Chinese for nearly four years, the first thing I would like to say is that I feel so lucky and proud to be a Chinese teacher. I feel lucky because this teaching experience is priceless. I have met a lot of intelligent people who have shown me such a colourful world. They have given me a lot of unforgettable memories. What makes me proud is that I can personally lead them to a new world by teaching them Chinese, which can help them to know and understand more about China. For the first time I realize that Mandarin is much broader and deep than I could ever imagine. I would say language is the most common and easy way for communication. It is not only the words, but also a good mixture of cultures, thoughts and history. Chinese is so amazing that I think it is really a language worthy of knowing, understanding and learning. You will be attracted by it once you’ve touched it. 




      Blue Ming
      One of my main interests is culture. Not just Chinese culture, but also other cultures from all over the world. I hope there will be more and more people with interest in Chinese culture and Chinese language, because it is the oldest remaining culture in the world! That is also why I like teaching Westerners. While teaching, I can show them the interesting elements of Chinese culture, and I can learn something about their cultures as well. Cultural exchange is great. We can know each other better through culture exchange and we can achieve a greater height of development from it as well. No matter who, I am interested in teaching Chinese to anyone!



      Zhuge Longzhen
      When I was a college student, I though I would not be a teacher in the future, because that’s not the life I wanted. You never know, the first job after graduating from college was teacher in Mandacentre Chinese language school. I teach Chinese students English, and I also teach foreign students Chinese. Every time, the students make progress in their study, I feel so happy. I set my heart and soul on my teaching, and my life is full and happy. John Amos Comenius said “Teaching is the most brilliant career under the sun.” I can feel the real meaning of this sentence now.


      Our Teachers

      All our teachers are selected for their superb knowledge of both Chinese and English language. They all speak Standard Beijing Mandarin and are well educated in modern teaching methods. Their experience in teaching in a personal and interactive way will make the class interesting and vivid. For our teachers ‘lecturing’ is not the solution. Getting grip on a language is something a student has to achieve himself. We believe that an interactive way of studying where the teacher is more like an assistant and a source of information during the students learning process can help the students to achieve their goals easier. 

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