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      Learn Chinese Pinyin

      Chinese pinyin is not difficult to learn. It mainly contains three parts: initials, vowels and tones. In our lessons, you will learn the basic knowledge of pinyin, pronunciation, differences between pinyin and English phonetics, and ways to remember them, so that you can read and pronounce pinyin easily. This will help you to study Chinese by yourself along with audios.

      In Chinese, a syllable is composed of an Initial consonant, a Vowel and a tone. The beginning of consonant is called Initial, the rest of parts are called Finals. Mandarin Chinese has four tones .

      声母(initial)+ 韵母(vowel)+声调(tone)=音节(syllable)

              m          +          a                   =                     mā

      See Pinyin Table Below:

���ﲡҽԺ ��������ҽԺ ���ﲡ���� ��������ҽԺ ����ɭ�� ���ﲡ ����ҽԺ �������ﲡ��ҽԺ ���ﲡ���������Ʒ��� ����ҽԺ �������ﲡҽԺ �ѷ���ô�� ʪ�� ��������ҽԺ ���ﲡ���������� ���ﲡ��ʲôҩ �������ﲡҽԺ �׷������Ʒ��� ����ʪ�����κ���