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      Chéngyǔ are a type of traditional Chinese idiomatic expressions, most of which consist of four characters. Chengyu were widely used in ancient times and are still being commonly used in written Chinese and Spoken Chinese today.
      Chéngyǔ mostly derives from ancient literature, often intimately linked with the myths, fables or historical stories. Chéngyǔ sometimes does not follow the grammatical structure.

      Much wisdom can be seen in Chéngyǔ .That's why people like using them in speaking and writing .

      一只住在井里的青蛙,从来没有去过外面。有一天,它正在睡觉,突然听到外面有人在争论天有多大。它抬头看了看,心想:“外面的人真傻,天不就是井口那么大吗?还要争论”。  后来,这个成语就用来讽刺那些眼光狭小,见识短浅而又自以为是的人。

      Translation : A Frog in a Well
          A frog in a well never went out. One day when he was sleeping, he heard some persons arguing how big the sky is. He raised his head and looked at the sky, then he thought:" They are too foolish. Isn't the sky as big as the opening of the well?"

           It refers to the person with a very limited outlook.

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