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      Learn Chinese Character

      In Chinese, there are a great number of characters. But as a matter of fact, some characters are seldom used. Those that are widely used are around 5,000 to 8,000 in total, and only 3,000 characters are used in everyday life which cover 99.9 percent of characters appearing in books and newspapers. Among the 3000 characters, 950 are most frequently used, covering 90 percent of those printed in books and newspapers. If you have mastered these characters, you will be able to read Chinese. So 1000 characters will be enough for a foreign student.

���ﲡҽԺ ��������ҽԺ ���ﲡ���� ��������ҽԺ ����ɭ�� ���ﲡ ����ҽԺ �������ﲡ��ҽԺ ���ﲡ���������Ʒ��� ����ҽԺ �������ﲡҽԺ �ѷ���ô�� ʪ�� ��������ҽԺ ���ﲡ���������� ���ﲡ��ʲôҩ �������ﲡҽԺ �׷������Ʒ��� ����ʪ�����κ���