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      You’re interested in learning the Chinese language, but you have no time or opportunity to travel all the way to China for a long stay and You are not good at studying by yourself as well. Then on-line courses are designed to solve your problems.

      In Mandacentre the well-trained and highly qualified Chinese teachers are ready to help you with their high-standard on-line One-on-One lessons .

      How does it work?

      Before you sign up for our courses, you can enjoy a 30 minutes' try-out lesson for free ,where you will learn our teaching methods and have a free discussion with your Chinese teacher over your study plan and goals. Upon agreement you can sign up for the courses you take interest in.


      How to bridge the distance?

      For communication with our students ,we use the software program Skype (www.skype.com ). Real-time audio conversations through Skype have been very successful in the past and of high quality technically.All our Chinese teachers are starndard Chinese native speakers.


      How to enrol?

      The easiest way for enrolment is to send an email directly to mandacentre@gmail.com Then we will arrange a try-out lesson for you and get your confirmation over the time and intended course.



      Upon completion of the five hours' course there are many possibilities for further education. Mandacentre offers packages of additional 10, 20, 50 & 100 hours.


      Special Discount!

      Register now and get the first five hours for only 300RMB.

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