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About Us

      Our Management



      Glen He
      I like travelling and I have been to many places in China. The largest joy of my travelling is that I can experience different folk cultures in different places in China. The first time I came to Yangshuo, I was attracted by the beautiful landscape here. The West Street, because of those people who come from all over the world, is full of exotic atmosphere and called Global village. In mandacentre I know many foreign students who are so eager to learn, so diligent and wise. For me, the happiest thing in Yangshuo is to help friends from all over the world to learn Chinese, which is one of the oldest languages in the world; and to help them understand the knowledge of China——an ancient oriental country with five thousand years history and culture.



      Jerry Jiang
      After graduating from university, Jerry taught Chinese for two years in a Junior high school from 2001 to 2002. He found that he really loved teaching and wanted to open his own school. In August, 2003, Jerry started a language school in his hometown Quanzhou. By 2011, the school already had over 1000 students and a very good reputation for providing high quality teaching. After successfully running the school for over 8 years, Jerry decided to open a language school in Yangshuo for foreigners who love Chinese culture and the mysterious nature of the Chinese characters. Foreign students also come to study because they are considering working in China in the future and want to understand Chinese thinking patterns for business.


      Our Staff

      To keep a close eye on our quality and service evolvement, Mandacentre has employed certified staff to guide and coach all our students individually during their stay in our school. Every teacher has several assistants who follow the students’ development closely. The assistants are the ones that will guide you easily through the background affairs like accommodation, language progression, daily problems and more. 

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