Welcome to Mandacentre, Learn Chinese in Yangshuo - The Most Beautiful Town in China.

Mandacentre offers best service for
global Chinese learners. We provide the
best platform for students to learn
Mandarin Chinese. We look forward to your joining.
Learn Chinese Speaking Listening
Learn Chinese Pinyin
mainly three parts:
Chinese Character
If you mastered these,
you will be able to read
learn everyday expressions
and sentences.
Chinese monologues
and dialogues.
Chinese Idiom Discourse Culture
Chinese Grammar
Chinese grammar is
the key.
Chéngyǔ are mostly
from ancient literature.
Chinese logic and
language convergence.
Chinese culture is
diverse and unique.
Yangshuo has always been famous
for its charming landscapes with
Karst Mountains and meandering
A true paradise on the earth !
Mandacentre is a qualified and
specialized language school where you
can study both Chinese language and
Chinese culture. The teaching and
managing staff are at your service with
their best work at the best price .
We believe that study should be
entertaining and enjoyable ! We will try
our best to make you feel at home and
enjoy a quality time during your stay
in Yangshuo .
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